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Welcome to the extraordinary world of J&C Aero, an EASA-certified international cabin interior hub, where our passion for excellence knows no bounds. We are more than just a one-stop shop for our clients: we are the architects of their dreams, consistently surpassing expectations and delivering exceptional results.

Today, we stand proudly as an end-to-end aircraft cabin interior solutions provider, breaking boundaries and redefining the aviation industry.

„A touch of difference in your cabin“

At J&C Aero, our mission is clear – to create a difference through creating added-value solutions for the aviation industry.

„To be the leading turnkey cabin solution provider“

Through our expertise, commitment and unwavering professionalism, we aim to enhance the aviation industry’s capabilities and contribute to its continuous growth and success.


Values help us to keep on course and set an example for all the work that is made here at J&C Aero.


Common goals help to achieve results on time and to exceed expectations. We share knowledge and experience, which allows us to communicate openly and constructively. We know each other’s strengths, so we reach our goals faster.


We are experts with many years of experience. We understand what our customers need, so aiming for the best results is precisely what we do. When implementing innovations, we think critically – we are not afraid to look for multifaceted solutions.


We are partners, so we are not afraid to do more than promised. We take care of our customers responsibly and attentively; we always strive for maximum results. We listen to expectations and strive to create added value in every step.

Our history


Launch as an engineering company.


EASA Part 21J (design organisation approval – DOA) certification.


EASA Part 21G production organisations approvals – POA certification


New 1,500 m2 facilities.


Launch of Colibri Aero JV (joint venture).


Start of CAMO services.


EASA Part 145 certification.


CAMO expansion (Airbus A330), production facilities expansion to 2,100 m2.

Facts about us

1,000+ aircraft modified each year
3,200+ seats refurbished each year
15,000+ seat covers produced each year
30+ liveries produced each year
600+ interior components serviced each year
15+ aircraft induction to CAMO support
11,500 man hours utilised for line maintenance activities for last seven months of 2023

Our building

In 2024, J&C Aero launched one of the most sophisticated and modern aircraft cabin interior hubs in Eastern Europe. Situated in Vilnius, Lithuania, the company’s new HQ covers a total area of more than 3,600 m2 and houses an almost uninterrupted cabin interior production line.

I floor
II floor
III floor
I floor

The first floor represents J&C Aero’s main forge and includes facilities for machining, composite, painting and flatbed cutting shops, and cleaning, sanding, vacuum, foam and general workshop areas. The company’s main warehouse is also situated here.

II floor

The second floor is home to J&C Aero’s Part 145 and Part 21 teams. In addition to that, electrical, printing, sewing shops and cargo transition areas are also located on the first floor.

III floor

The third floor of the HQ is the operational centre of J&C Aero with sales, marketing, procurement, logistics, CAMO, DOA, R&D and other teams comfortably working together and ensuring smooth daily performance of the entire company.

Our team

Get to know J&C Aero professionals – we are dedicated in our pursuit of perfection tackling occurring issues and aiming to find best solutions for our clients and the market in general.



Our team of experts can ensure that product design, cabin interior modification, special STC and CAMO projects could all be executed perfectly, ensuring the highest quality, bringing your cabin to new levels.

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As a member of CAMO, we are committed to ensuring aircraft compliance with airworthiness regulations. Services like aircraft asset, transition and storage management or defect monitoring will ensure safety and integrity of your fleet.

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Product development, testing and recognition are core pillars in our development strategy. Our research team is dedicated to advancing aviation technology and solutions, continually pushing the boundaries to provide cutting-edge options.

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We take pride in our manufacturing capabilities for the aviation industry, producing a wide range of cabin components, reconfiguration kits, and mobility solutions. All crafted to meet the rigorous standards of the industry.

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Our in-house composite shop enables us to produce, inspect and repair various composite parts by wet lay-up and hot bond techniques using a variety of materials including glass, carbon, aramid, honeycomb and pre-impregnated.

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A scheduled aircraft check, delivery or redelivery, a grand aircraft cabin makeover or an urgent aircraft-on-ground situation – whatever the need, J&C Aero is here to support your cabin parts supply.

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Our experts are thrilled to tackle unique and challenging aviation projects. With our wealth of experience and expertise, we’re well equipped to handle unconventional and specialised assignments creating additional-value solutions.

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Aircraft maintenance is an important part of our service. Ranging from scheduled checks, troubleshooting to minor modifications. We are proud of our clients that entrusted their services to us: the Airbus A320 Family, Airbus A330, and Boeing 737 NG.

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