Braille signs for aircraft cabins

While the world in general becomes more accessible to blind people, an aircraft is one of the main means of transportation that remains a place where a blind person can hardly orient without assistance from other people. With this in mind, J&C Aero developed highly durable, tactile placards that allow passengers to read the information in Braille.

Aiming to bring more comfort to all types of passengers, J&C Aero’s R&D team presented new in-cabin markings with Braille signs that are aimed at helping people with vision loss to have a better orientation inside an aircraft. Placed across the cabin, Braille signs may help individuals with vision loss to find their seat location, and find directions to toilets and the closest exit.

Even though people with visual impairment will always receive assistance from the crew or fellow passengers, it doesn’t mean that nothing should be done to make the flight experience more comfortable, more independent. Braille placards are a step forward in making an aircraft cabin more friendly to blind passengers. Of course, such placards require more durability than non-tactile markings for understandable reasons; however, their production and installation are relatively easy, and any airline could equip such placards during a C-check without substantial additional costs.



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