Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to advancing aviation technology and solutions, continually pushing the boundaries to provide state-of-the-art options for our clients. From the first stages of development and preparation of the blueprints, to testing and, finally, recognition – it all happens here at J&C Aero.

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Passenger and crew seat solutions


Light weight, ergonomic seats in economy, business and VIP finish – J&C Aero offers the full range of in-house capabilities that allow the overhaul, modification, repair and refurbishment of passenger and cabin crew seats.


Thanks to a greatly reduced number of stitches, laminated covers provide higher durability, ergonomics and comfort to passengers. Wrinkle-free covers are produced from quality natural or nearly natural synthetic leather and are very easy for cleaning and maintenance.


The covers can be produced in multiple colours using high-quality natural or nearly natural synthetic leather. The covers are very easy to handle and, thanks to in-house high-end cutting, printing and embroidery technology, can be produced quickly at a competitive price.


J&C Aero produces extremely comfortable seat cushions using next-generation foam that is highly durable, developed using shredded memory technology. This allows cushions to adjust to individual body curves thus evenly distributing weight across the seat and bringing more comfort to passengers and the cabin crew during the flight.


J&C Aero restraint systems are suitable for standard passenger seats, also for such options as emergency equipment, cargo nets and cargo bags. In addition, J&C Aero offers new seat belts that bring additional design and branding opportunities for airlines, including multiple colour selections, logo engraving and other offerings. The seat belts have individual length adjustments and come with multiple extensions for various passenger groups.


J&C Aero produces lightweight class dividers for the Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737 Sky Interior. The dividers are produced in different colours and materials and can be fully branded.


J&C Aero’s windscreens are curve-shaped partitions that are either custom-made or represent a modernised version of original windscreens. The windscreens can be branded and designed in various colours, produced from a variety of materials and supplemented with an extra door and adjusted for the mounting of a baby bassinet, literature pocket or magazine rack.


J&C Aero’s MOE 0006 project includes refurbished original sidewalls manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. The sidewalls can be enhanced with automatic vacuum pressing equipment and refurbished with a range of different moulds, laminates and paint systems.


J&C Aero’s POA 299 project includes curtains for class dividers and galleys. The curtains are stitch pleated, easy to clean and highly durable. All curtains can be designed in various colours, branded and produced from different flame-retardant fabrics. Galley curtains can be enhanced with sound-absorbing materials.


J&C Aero covers a fully certified modification for a crew rest area inside a passenger cabin. The modification physically separates a dual- or triple-seat area with a curtain, which can be produced with sound-absorbing materials. The modification includes a curtain and a rail system structure. The curtain can be designed in various colours, branded and produced from different materials.



J&C Aero’s overhead bins are refurbished genuine overhead bins manufactured by Airbus and Boeing. The overhead bins are in perfect working condition and are available in all standard dimensions. The overhead bins can be re-laminated and refurbished with a range of different moulds, laminates and paint systems.



Being an EASA-approved design organisation and having in-house production capabilities, J&C Aero can develop full-fledged liveries and external placards in a short time. Each livery is produced from high-quality cast vinyl films and can be fully branded, including the application of high-resolution photographic images. All standard placards can be produced within 24–48 hours and installed on site within another 24 hours, thanks to our internal Part 145 team.


J&C Aero provides an extensive range of internal placards that can be supplied as a complete cabin refurbishment kit or separate sets for seats, galleys and other stand-alone areas of an aircraft cabin. The placards can be selected from a database of standard single and dual-language signs and produced within 24–48 hours. In addition, being an EASA DOA/POA organisation, J&C Aero can develop custom placards, including those completed in the Braille tactile writing system; all placards are compliant comply.


The bags are highly durable, easy to clean and can be designed in a variety of sizes, materials and colours to meet an airline’s branding needs. Thanks to in-house capabilities, all bags can be produced and delivered in a short period of time.


J&C Aero’s EFB holder is lightweight and compact, and can be fully branded to an airline’s needs. Pilots can easily mount any required tablet, dismount it and change it to another tablet of a different size when needed. The universal holder is perfectly suited for both standard EFBs and general tablets, including iPad and Galaxy.


Designed to bring extra comfort to passengers, J&C Aero’s gadget holders provide a convenient way to secure smartphones and tablets on a tray table, thus ensuring a more enjoyable video-viewing experience during the flight. The holders can be installed on any economy class seats that are equipped with a tray table. Once mounted, passengers can adjust the position of the holder by moving it along the seat tray table assembly.


J&C Aero can develop custom placards, including those in the Braille tactile writing system.



J&C Aero offers EASA-approved universal cargo seat bags for commercial and humanitarian cargo transportation inside passenger cabins. The kit can be easily installed in just a few minutes and can include a wide range of cargo types: from postal correspondence, household goods, electronics and other commercial cargo, to medical equipment and other kinds of humanitarian supplies.


From corporate and celebrity jets to presidential and royal aircraft – our team is privileged to work with customers and ensure comfortable air travel to VIP passengers.


J&C Aero can also develop and produce a variety of other cabin interior products, including but not limited to food tray tables, spacers, lighting, panels, galley inserts and wiring kits. The products come with relevant certificates and can be produced in relatively short turnaround time.

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J&C Aero is a global aviation innovator specialising in cabin transformation and CAMO services, certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). Our comprehensive services spanning design, production, maintenance, CAMO, R&D, distribution and partnerships cater for a diverse clientele that includes legacy and low-cost airlines, financial institutions, maintenance organisations, aerospace manufacturers and governmental institutions.

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Our team of experts can ensure that product design, cabin interior modification, special STC and CAMO projects could all be executed perfectly, ensuring the highest quality, bringing your cabin to new levels.

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