J&C Aero Seating Solutions

The comfort you cannot unbuckle.

From cushions and covers to complete sets – J&C Aero offers a wide range of seating solutions with fast production and delivery time!

Passenger Seats

Light weighted, ergonomic seats in economy, business, and VIP finish – J&C Aero is proud to have the full range of in-house capabilities that allow the overhaul, modification, repair, and refurbishment of passenger and cabin crew seats. Having the entire process under one roof, J&C Aero offers a wide range of seat customization and branding options supplemented with Entertainment, Power, and other system integrations – all of which with fast TAT and EASA Form 1 availability!

In-house modification and repair capabilities
Full seat refurbishment capacities
Fast turnaround time
Wide range of own seat stock
Custom material and color options
Wide branding options
Economy and Business class seats
Light weighted materials
EASA Form 1 availability
Laminated Seat Covers

J&C Aero’s Laminated Seat Covers bring a new level of aesthetics into the passenger cabin. Thanks to an extremely reduced number of stitches, laminated covers provide higher durability, ergonomics, and comfort to passengers. Wrinkle-free covers are very easy in cleaning and maintenance, and they can be enhanced with antibacterial properties. J&C Aero produces laminated dress covers that come in various colors and are suitable for both economy and business class seats. Importantly, our laminated covers allow decreasing the overall seat weight as there’s no more need for a backrest cushion.

Multiple color options
Enhanced durability, ergonomics, and comfort
Ease cleaning
Antibacterial properties
Decreased seat weight
Economy and Business seats
Seat Cushions

J&C Aero produces extremely comfortable seat cushions using next-gen foam. The foam is highly durable and is developed using shredded memory technology. The latter allows cushions to adjust to individual body curves thus evenly distributing weight across the seat and bringing more comfort to passengers and the cabin crew during the flight. The cushions are produced with light weighted foam and fire-blocking scrims and come in various levels of hardness. The foam products are suitable for cabin crew seating and resting areas, as well as Economy and Business class seats.

Ergonomic cushions
Light weight, shredded memory foam
Fire-blocking scrims
Extended durability and aesthetics
Cabin Crew, Economy, Business seats, Crew Rest area
Restraint Systems (Belts)

Extensive internal engineering, testing, and production capabilities enable J&C Aero to supply a variety of restraint systems. The restraint systems are suitable for standard passenger seats, as well as non-standard options, such as emergency equipment, cargo nets, and cargo bags. In addition, J&C Aero offers new seat belts that bring additional design and branding opportunities for airlines, including multiple color selections, logo engraving, and other. The seat belts have individual length adjustments and come with multiple extensions for various passenger groups.

Customized, certified restraint systems for passenger seats
Additional restraint systems for in-cabin cargo, emergency equipment
Multiple belt color options
Plated buckles with branding options
Fast production and delivery
Infant and other extension options
Headrest Covers (Antimacassars)

Headrest covers are one of the key cabin interior elements that every passenger notices once on board. With in-house design and production capabilities, J&C Aero offers impeccable antimacassar solutions for budget and VIP airlines, as well as those looking for something in between. The covers can be produced in multiple colors using the finest leather or nearly natural synthetic leather. The covers are very easy in handling and, thanks to in-house high-end cutting, printing, and embroidery technology, can be promptly produced at a competitive price.

Precise cutting, printing, embroidery
Economy, Business, VIP seats
Competitive prices and lead times
Multiple color, material and branding options
Multiple color, material and branding options
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