J&C Aero, an international aviation design and production company, has presented a new product for airlines to boost their passengers’ flight experience – a universal Gadget Holder for convenient video viewing during a flight.

J&C Aero’s JCQ015 Series Personal Electronic Device holders – also known as Gadget Holders – are designed to provide a convenient way for passengers to secure their smartphones and tablets on a tray table thus receiving a more enjoyable video viewing experience during the flight.

The holders can be installed on any economy class seats that are equipped with a tray table. Once mounted, passengers can adjust the position of the holder by moving it along the seat tray table assembly. If necessary, additional polycarbonate placards with “Do not slide here” signs can be installed on the square tube section to limit the area where the holder can be moved. This will ensure that the tray table can be fully closed when needed.

“We’ve seen it too many times: once the aircraft takes off, passengers instantly turn their pre-downloaded tv shows, movies, or vlogs while holding the smartphones or tablets in their hands. But it can be a bit inconvenient and tiring to hold the gadget in your hand, particularly during longer flights. With this in mind, we designed a simple, yet very convenient and universal solution – a special holder that is a small addition to an economy class seat and a great addition to passengers’ flight experience. What is particularly exciting is that first Gadget Holders have already received highly positive feedback from one of our European airline customers and its passengers,” comments Vadim Kaidasov, Head of R&D at J&C Aero.

J&C Aero Gadget Holder is classified as a carry-on item, can be customized to specific needs of an airline, and is available with flammability certificates 25.853.