J&C Aero, an international aviation design and production company, has developed a new universal Electronic Flight Bag holder designed specifically for use inside a cockpit. The new EFB holders are also fully adjustable to fit all popular general tablets, including iPads and Galaxy Tabs.

“The common inconvenience of existing EFB holders is that many of them are gadget-specific – if an airline switches to electronic flight bags from another manufacturer, it also needs to change the cockpit holders to fit new devices,” says Vadim Kaidašov, Head of R&D at J&C Aero.

The aluminum EFB holders are lightweight and compact, provide strong fixation to the surface, and can be easily mounted/dismounted by the crew. In addition, thanks to in-house DOA capabilities, J&C Aero can support airlines with all required installation documentation and approvals in a short time.

“What is particularly convenient about our new EFB holders is that they are fully adjustable to hold not only specialized devices but also general tablet-size gadgets, including iPads and Galaxy Tabs. Moreover, the holders can be designed and produced in various colors supplemented with design elements to meet an airline’s branding needs,” added J&C Aero’s Head of R&D.